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This policy pertains to cookies and the web pages operated by SC MC GENERAL CONSTRUCT ENGINEERING SRL, located at Ion Heliade Radulescu Street 26, 2nd Floor, Sector 2, BUCHAREST (hereinafter referred to as "websites").

What Are Cookies?

A "cookie" (browser cookie or HTTP cookie) is a small file consisting of letters and numbers that will be stored on the computer, mobile device, or other equipment of a user accessing the internet.

The "cookie" is installed through a request sent by a web server to a browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome) and is entirely passive (it does not contain software programs, viruses, or spyware and cannot access information from the user's hard drive).

Use of Cookies

These files allow the recognition of the user's terminal and the presentation of content in a relevant manner, tailored to user preferences. They are also used in generating anonymous aggregate statistics that help us understand how a user benefits from our web pages, enabling us to improve their structure and content, excluding the personal identification of the user.

Types of Cookies We Use

We use two types of cookies - "session" and "persistent." The former are temporary files that remain on a user's terminal until they log out of a website or close an application (a web browser). The latter remain on a user's terminal for the time defined in the cookie parameters or until manually deleted by the user.

"Cookie" usage by the partners of a website operator, including but not limited to website users, is subject to their own privacy policies.

Do Cookies Record or Contain Personal Data?

Personal data collected through the use of cookies may only be collected to facilitate certain functionalities for the user. This data is encrypted so that unauthorized individuals cannot access it.

Deleting Cookies

Applications used to access web pages (e.g., browsers) save cookies on users' Internet terminals by default. However, settings can be changed so that the automatic installation of cookies is blocked by the web browser.

Detailed information on managing cookies is available in the settings field of the web browser. Please note that limiting the use of cookies may affect certain functionalities of how pages on the website are displayed.


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